The new WordPress carousel slider is fully responsive and touch enabled. This is compatible with all smart phones and tables. This simple responsive carousel slider for WordPress has lots of features and options within it. The admin is easy to use and understand. You do not need any technical knowledge to handle this responsive WP carousel slider. The bulk upload from the admin saves lot of time by allowing uploading images in bulk. You just need to select the category and upload images into it.

Features of carousel slider for WordPress

  • Fully responsive
  • Fluid width
  • Works with all versions of WordPress
  • Easy to install and manage images
  • Customizable colors and font sizes
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Show/Hide title
  • Show/Hide description
  • Show/Hide the image navigation
  • Enable/Disable auto play
  • Customizable auto play interval

and more..

The WP Carousel is fully responsive, compatible with all smart phones and tablets



Get Carousel – $15 USD

Get Extended License  – $45 USD


Short codes you can use with responsive Carousel WP Slider

[ carousel ] – This is default short code. This displays all images from all categories with default carousel slider settings

[ carousel cats=2,3 width=”100″ ]- This Carousel slider displays the slider with the images from specific categories which has ID’s 2 & 3 and 100% width. In this carousel the width will be mentioned in the percentage.

[ carousel imgs=1,2,3 width=”100″ ] – This short code display the carousel slider with the specific images which has Id’s 1,2 & 3

Other attributes that you can use in short codes

vertical           -> true / false (Default false)

To show the carousel in vertical fashion, use vertical=”true”.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ vertical=”true” ]

arrows            -> true / false (Default true)

Enable or disable the next and previous arrows.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ arrows=”false” ]

dots                -> true / false (Default true)

Enable or disable the pagination bullets.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ dots=”false” ]

autoplay         -> true / false (Default true)

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ autoplay=true ]

apinterval       -> 4000 (in milliseconds. Default 4000)

Auto play interval.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ apinterval=”3000″ ]

templatetype  -> default / template1 (Default default)

Two types of carousel styles exists. Default will shows the images in a row. Template1 shows the full image preview with thumbs preview below it.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ templatetype=”template1″ ]

popup            -> yes / no (Default yes)

Enable or disable the pop up when you click on the image.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ popup=”no” ]

slides             -> 3      (Default 3)

Number of images you want to display in carousel.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ slides=”5″ ]

imagestype    -> gallery / recentposts / popularposts         (Default gallery)

The images you want to show in the slider/gallery. imagestype = “gallery” will get the images from categories created in the category. To get images from your wordpress recent posts use imagestype = “recentposts”. To get images from your WP popular posts use imagestype = “popularposts”.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ imagestype=”recentposts” ]

numposts      -> 8 (Default : 5)

Number of images you want to show from posts (popular/recent). This limit will not work for gallery images.

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ imagestype=”popularposts” numposts=”6″ ]

transition       -> transition name (Default collapse_random)

Example: [ carousel width=”100″ transition=”random” ]

The image effect you want to apply. List of transitions

You can use any combination of attributes from above short code examples

Note: Please remove the space after and before the braces in the above wordpress short codes

Get Carousel – $15 USD

Get Extended License  – $45 USD

Carousel Slider – Installation

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