Simple and easy light weight responsive slider for WordPress

Smart slide show for WordPress is fully responsive and customizable. Yet there are many sliders for WordPress, this is unique and beautiful. This simple yet smart responsive slier for WordPress is easy to use. It will not take more than a minute to install, create categories and upload images into them. Its admin is very easy to use and it is fast.

The bulk upload in the admin is very fast and useful when you want to upload lots of images in less time. You just need to select the category and bulk upload images into it. There are lots of more impressive features for this simple smart responsive slider


Features of responsive smart slidehsow for WordPress

  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to use admin
  • Bulk image upload
  • Free support and updates
  • Customizable font sizes and colors
  • Customizable background colors
  • Enable/Disable the auto slideshow
  • Configure the auto slider time
  • Show/Hide image description
  • Show/Hide the image title
  • Image links
  • Open link in same or new window
  • Touch enabled
  • Works with keyboard shortcuts too
  • More than 10 image transition and adding more
  • Fit image in four ways – exact fit, actual size, cover or crop
  • Customizable width and height

and many more..


Smart Slide Show for WordPress is fully responsive and touch enabled. Works with all smart phones and tables.


Get Smart slide show for WordPress – $15 USD

Get Extended License – $45 USD

Get Free Version

Short codes that can be used for WordPress Responsive Smart Slideshow

  • [ smart ] – This short code will display all images under all categories which are not disabled with width 600px and height 300px.
  • [ smart cats=2,3 width=”700″ height=”200″ ] – This short code will display all images under the categories with ID’s 2,3 with width 700px and height 200px
  • [ smart imgs=1,2,3 width=”700″ height=”200″ ] – This short code will display images which has ID’s 1,2,3 with width 700px and height 200px

Other attributes that you can use in short codes

autoplay              -> true / false        (Default true)Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ autoplay=true ]

apinterval            -> 4000                 (in milliseconds. Default 4000)Auto play interval.

Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ apinterval=3000 ]

fillmode               -> 0 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5   (0 – Stretch, 1 – Contain, 2 – Cover, 4 – Actual Size, 5 – Contain for Large-Actual for Small)The way you want to display the image in the slider. (Default 2-Cover)

Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ fillmode=2 ]

bulletnavdisplay  -> 0 / 1 / 2             (0 – Never, 1 – Mouse Over, 2 – Always. Default 2 – Always)If you want to display the bullets always on the slider image, use bulletnavdisplay=2

Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ bulletnavdisplay=”2″ ]

imagestype  -> gallery / recentposts / popularposts             (Default gallery)The images you want to show in the slider/gallery. imagestype = “gallery” will get the images from categories created in the category. To get images from your wordpress recent posts use imagestype = “recentposts”. To get images from your WP popular posts use imagestype = “popularposts”.

Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ imagestype=”recentposts” ]

numposts   -> 6 (Default : 5)Number of images you want to show from posts (popular/recent). This limit will not work for gallery images.

Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ imagestype=”recentposts” numposts=”6″ ]

transition -> transition name (Default collapse_random)Example: [ smart width=”900″ height=”600″ transition=”random” ]

The image effect you want to apply. List of transitions


You can use any combination of attributes from above short code examples

Note: Please remove the space after and before the braces in the above wordpress short codes

Note: remove the spaces after and before the braces in the above given example codes.

If you are not satisfied with this responsive WordPress slider, we will refund your money 100%.


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