If you want to impress your website visitors at first look, using this Accordion gallery is the best way. Accordion gallery for WordPress is fully responsive and easy to use colorful gallery. It is packed with lots of great features. This WordPress gallery is very unique and efficient. Compatible with all smart phones and tablets. Customizable width and height.

It has lots of features and options in its admin area. The admin area is easy to understand and fully responsive too. The bulk upload saves your time a lot, it allows to upload images in bulk and let you edit them later. The Accordion gallery will just work with the default options.

The auto slider can be switched on or off. Auto slider will play between tabs, which means.. when the slider finishes its images in a tab, it will goes to next tab and plays the images in the slider.

Features of WordPress Accordion gallery

  1. Fully responsive
  2. Adjustable width and height
  3. Fluid width
  4. Customizable tab colors
  5. Enable/Disable auto slider
  6. Customizable auto slider time
  7. Auto slider between tabs
  8. Customizable font sizes and colors
  9. Bulk image upload
  10. Show/Hide the title
  11. Show/Hide the description
  12. Customizable description & title opacity
  13. Customizable description & title background color

Get WP Accordion Gallery – $30 USD

Get extended license – $60 USD

WordPress Accordion gallery installation videos

Installation of WP accordion gallery

Creating categories and uploading images

Publishing Accordion Gallery